segunda-feira, 6 de novembro de 2017

Borges e a tarefa do Poeta/Escritor/Artista

a tarefa da arte ├ę essa
transformar continuamente o que nos ocorre
em s├şmbolos, em m├║sica
algo que pode perdurar na mem├│ria

Nota (vou escrever em inglês por motivo de foda-se):
It has been a lot of time since I last posted here. The main purpose of this place is having a space to write, to create some kind of ritual, where I force myself to come here, think about something to say, put it down into the written form, check it a couple times for typos and etc, then push the publish button, feel a tiny bit accomplished, and go on do my other daily shores and what not.
I think about this space often, I have a list of things I'd like to discuss, but it is always easier just to see other people do the work, research, write, produce content than to do it yourself.
Besides writing, the purpose of having a place like this is lost on me, more and more the longer I take to come here and publish something. And I don't want this to be place where I come to complain about life and etc. I'd like these posts to be about something, not about the drudgery, boredom and frustration of daily life. And, increasingly, I either avoid coming here to write and post something, or use as a way to avoid doing something else that I should be doing. Either way, I don't think I'm particularly well built for this kind of endeavor. Should I make this a more personal blog where I ramble about shit and regret later when someone holds these words against me? Should I just drop this silly idea the same way I've dropped dozens before? Should I expect you, invisible, anonymous, amorphous and always silent (possibly inexistent) reader to give me some light on I should do with this place?
For that last question the answer is certainly not.
Anyways, everything is meaningless(ness).
See you God* knows when.

* Cthulhu, Odin or Tupã.